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About Us

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About Us - Aussie Digi


Aussie Digi is an initiative to support local businesses digitally, with the vision and mission to bridge the gap between consumer and producer. The AD team are experts in web designing, Logo designing digital marketing skills. Their customization skills and competitive price makes them distinct in the market.

After a market research, it is found that more than 75 % of local businesses do not have a website and if they have they are not properly maintained to convince a customer. Hence, these websites are not generating any revenue only costing money from profits.

Number One Priority 

Have a problem? Got a question? We are here !

AD’s Number One priority is customers. Dedicated team of experts are always beside you  to resolve problems that barricade your business. Be assure, technical solutions and product specialists are at your fingertips


We request you to browse our site and understand yourself the services which we offer. That takes your business to the eyes of the customer unlike others.

We have complete IT and online promotion solutions form Website development to LOGO Designing, Search engine Optimization to Social Media Marketing.

Custom Engineered Solutions

AD will design your website that suit your business and your products in the way you want them and to make them exclusive. From air cargo to food products, fertilisers to pharmaceuticals we are experts in conveying your message and manifesting your sales. Contact us for chit chat or a proposal.




Our Mission

We always strive to bring satisfaction on customer’s face to pursue the leading position in market. Because, we know, happy customers keeps us in business.

We pay much attention to the innovations of technology, production and management. We take a moderate and meticulous attitude and explore this field boldly and conscientiously.


To be a market-leading national brand and to be the preferred partner on the path of your business achievements.

To be a market-leading national brand and to be the preferred resource to purchase power tools, machinery and accessories.


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